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BW GasAlertMax XT II gas detector

  • This portable gas detector is 4 gases detector, can be detect: Flamable; O2; CO; H2S simultaneously
  • Integrated internal pump for confined space function, can be remote detect gas inside tank, cargo hold or any closed area. Pump capacity more than 20m
  • This portable gas detector is easy for use. Only one buttom, it can work well with doube-layer glovers. All setting up should be carry out by computer software. For use it, just Turn ON, detect gas then Turn OFF.
  • This portable gas detector is the most stability, longlife sensor, big battery capacity, good PCB and a fewest warranty happen.
  • This portable gas detector is the most purpolar on the market, good wellknow, easy for maintenance, easy for calibration and local stock spare part.
  • This portable gas detector approved for Explosion proof, ABS approved for Marine use.
  • This is the most economic Confined space portable gas detector
  • BW GasAlertMax XT II is unique both function in 1: confined space & personal monitor.

BW Honeywell

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