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GasAlertMax XT II intro.

GasAlertMax XT II Pumped, Go the distance and save with this smart, simple and economical way to compliance.

Features & Benefits

  • Monitors H2S, CO, O2 and combustibles
  • One-button operation with robust, motorized pump
  • Compatible with MicroDock II

Tools and Equipments

  • Calibration gas cylinder, content: 25ppm H2S, 100ppm CO, 18% O2 and 50%LEL LEL.
  • Valve regulator, flow 0.5L/M
  • Notebook for record something if happen

Calibration guide for GasAlertMax XT II
Calibration gas cylinder for GasAlertMax XT II

Calibration guide for GasAlertMax XT II

Below steps only for Manual calibration job purpose, if you have to calibration much quantity, should be use MicroDock II for Auto calibration

  • Step 1: From Normal screen, press & hold Power buton to OFF, then keep hold this buton until indicated Calibation
  • Step 2: Auto Zero: This job have to carry out in fresh air area, detector will be use fresh air to Zero itself
  • Step 3: Input gas: Once Auto Zero complete, detector will ask input Calibation gas. User quickly connect gas cylinder to detector
  • Step 4: Auto Span: Detector will be Auto Span with inputed gas, User should be go far aways from Toxic gas
  • Step 5: Finish: Once all done, detect will alarm. User remove gas and shut-off valve.

Once successfull, detector will be indicated “Due date”, Normally, it is 180 days, but, user can be adjustble 1~360 according company or local standard.

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