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Introduce video BW Clip SO2 by Honeywell


BW Clip SO2 by Honeywell The BW Clip Series of maintenance-free detectors are the most user-friendly, reliable and cost-effective way to ensure safety, compliance and productivity; just turn on the device and it runs continuously — no need for sensor and battery replacement or battery charging. That means great reliability and no downtime. With an


Single gas detector GasAlert Extreme, option: H2S; NO; CO; HCN; O2; Cl2; SO2; ClO2; PH3; O3; NH3; ETO; NO2


Single gas detector GasAlert Extreme, option: H2S; NO; CO; HCN; O2; Cl2; SO2; ClO2; PH3; O3; NH3; ETO; NO2 With easy on/off operation, this single gas detector offers extended longevity with a two year field-replaceable battery and sensor. Calibration is a simple automatic procedure and is compatible with BW Technologies by Honeywell’s MicroDock II automatic


Multi-gas detector GasAlertMicroClip X3 – Video 1: Intro


Multi-gas detector GasAlertMicroClip X3 This is next generation from GasAlertMicroClip XL. Portable multi-gas detector GasAlertMicroClip X3 equipped new O2 sensor with longlife up to 5 years. Meanwhile, GasAlertMicroClip XL stills an economic choice with ~2 years O2 sensor. Model GasAlertMicroClip X3 also use the same design with elder generation GasAlertMicroClip XL which evaluated compact, lightweight


No. 1 – Introduce video for Qrae 3 gas detector

No. 1 – Introduce video for Qrae 3 gas detector

What is different between Qrae II and Qrae 3 The equally: 4 gases detector by RAE systems USA Option for Pump or Diffusion model Display can be rotation 180o Different: Qrae 3 is next generation from Qrae II Robust structure with metal face for easy cleaning Qrae II come with LCD on Top, Qrae 3


No. 1 – Introduction video for GasAlertMicroClip XL


GasAlertMicroClip XL gas detector BW Honeywell GasAlertMicroClip XL portable multi-gas detector is 4 gases detector, it can be detect LEL/O2/CO and H2S simultaneously. And it also the most popular 4 gases detector in the world. This is personal monitor for protect a personal (one man wear one piece). It is diffrent with a confined space detector


BW GasAlertMax XT II – No.1: Introduction video


BW GasAlertMax XT II gas detector This portable gas detector is 4 gases detector, can be detect: Flamable; O2; CO; H2S simultaneously Integrated internal pump for confined space function, can be remote detect gas inside tank, cargo hold or any closed area. Pump capacity more than 20m This portable gas detector is easy for use. Only


Finetek sensor – FD7 Float level sensor


Finetek sensor – FD7 Float level sensor How to config a Finetek sensor: For config a Finetek Float level sensor; Firstly, choice type of sensor (Ex type, Temperature type, Metal or Plastic material) > Choice size of connection box and connection type (Thread or Flange and size of connection) > Stem size and material > Choice


MSA Altair 4XR gas detector: Video 1 – Introduce


MSA Altair 4XR Portable gas detector 5 things user need to know about new MSA Altair 4XR 1 – This is 4 gases detector: The ALTAIR 4XR Gas Detector is the toughest 4-gas monitor, for detect: LEL, O2, H2S & CO, it also can be configuration for NO2 or SO2. 2 – Bluetooth enable: The ALTAIR


Unbox video BW Honeywell GasAlertQuattro


BW Honeywell – Gas Alert Quattro Multi-Gas Detector: H2S, CO, O2 and combustibles Visual auditing, easy compliance Rugged and reliable, the GasAlertQuattro four-gas detector combines a comprehensive range of features with simple one-button operation. With flexible power options, the GasAlertQuattro is always ready. The graphic LCD displays easy to identify icons that indicate operational information, such


Alarm functions testing for motionScout


motionScout The MSA MotionSCOUT is part of a range of standalone personal alert safety systems (PASS) which are easy to use and maintenance-free. The systems detect interruptions in bodily movement and activate an automatic alarm to alert others. Key features: Highly visible red LED’s Sensitive electronic motion sensor Clear and intuitive to use Manual alarm

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