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Confined Space tripod comparison

Choice one of confined space tripod for your work site will lost many time. There are many types, brands and country of Origin. Generally, there are only 2 points for your considering.

Criteria for considering

1 – The firstly, always choice qualified confined space equipment. It save you life.

2 – Using demand: There are 3 level below

  • a) Simply: You only need a tripod and manual winch.
  • b) Popular: Addition some safety function to the winch: stainless steel material, fall protection, auto look, free wheel…
  • c) Advanced: Addition equipment for increase safety for your job.

Confined Space tripod comparison table

Creteria DBI Sala 8300031 Protecta AK105A & AK205AG China Tripod kit
DBI Sala 8300031

DBI Sala 8300031

Protecta Tripod AK105A

Protecta Tripod AK105A

China Safety Tripod

China Safety Tripod

Brand DBI Sala by 3M Protecta by 3M China
Country of Orgin USA USA China
Capacity weight 159 Kgs 159 Kgs <180 Kgs
Height after installation 2.1m 2.4m 2.6m
Material Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy
Weight ~40 Kgs (with winch) 18.2 Kgs
Height adjustment Yes Yes Yes
Safety leg support chain Yes Yes Yes
Pulley  Yes Pulley separately  Yes
Cable length 18m 15.2m 30m
Cable diameter 6.3mm 5mm
Cable material Stainless steel Galvanized Cable Stainless steel
Gear ratio 6:1 4:1
Braker system Yes Yes
Safety lock Yes Yes Yes
Other function Free wheel
Weight ~40 Kgs (with tripod) 10.5Kgs


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