CAC – Calibration Kits

CAC - Bộ hiệu chuẩn khí đầy đủ

For a complete calibration solution, our kits combine a carrying case or bag with your choice of regulator(s), and tubing. When purchased as a kit, receive a 10% discount off the individual purchase price for each item. Gas purchase not included in kit.  

Choose a carrying case or backpack.

Provide a solution for field technicians who are working on site calibrating fixed gas detection sensors or field gas analysers. The bags provide a simple solution for any gas calibration or bump test requirement. 

CAC-GCBP-552: One Cylinder Carrycase

Canvas carrying case for 552 cylinder. Kit includes either a fixed flow (FF-200: 0.5 litres/min) or vari-flow (9 flow rates: 0.5 – 5 litres/min) regulator, tubing and stopcock.

CAC-CC-574: Two Cylinder Hard Case

Carrying case for two cylinders, two regulators & tubing.

  • 23cm x 12cm x 50cm
  • 1.4kg

CAC-GCCB-300: Three Cylinder Carrycase

Lightweight Carrycase with shoulder strap. Able to carry three cylinders up to 112L size. Transparent front pockets for paperwork, tubing and regulators.

CAC-GCBP-400 – Four Cylinder Backpack

The GCBP-400 is a four cylinder back pack. It comes with  a zipper pouch on the top designed for carrying regulators, tubing and fittings with pockets for documentation.
Padded shoulder straps and backing with side pockets for water bottles add to its ergonomic design.

CAC – Welker® Cylinder Carrying Cases Style CC

Available in a variety of sizes. 

Durable fiberglass construction. Thick polyurethane foam lining. Accommodates cylinder complete
with valves, reliefs and gauges

CAC – Welker Single Cavity Case

Model # ME355OO & Model # ME349OO

The carrying cases are constructed from a tough copolymer polypropylene and carry a lifetime guarantee! The waterproof, dust-proof cases have large handles, secure and strong latches, and can be padlocked.

CAC – Welker Self-Contained Heated Cylinder Carrying Case

Avoid costly errors in analysis due to hydrocarbon dew points and cold cylinders. No cords, no blankets, no batteries!!! Heated cylinders and proper sampling techniques will assure you of an accurate, quality sample. HCC is another Welker original patented product giving you a solution to this field-related problem and adding to the profitability of your company.

CAC – Regulating valve

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CAC – Tubing & Hoses

 Tygon, teflon and stainless steel tubing and hoses are available to provide a complete calibration gas solution. The use of correct tubing and hose materials is a key element in delivering accurate and repeatable gas to instruments and analysers. The selection of the correct materials is critical as many materials will react with or absorb onto the incorrect material.


The E-3603 tygon tubing is highly resistant to moderate levels of corrosive gases. Applicable for H2S and SO2 and all non-corrosive gases such as CO,CO2,O2 and hydrocarbons. Very flexible it is available in multiple internal sizes.

CAC-Teflon Lined Tygon -SE 200

The SE-200 teflon lined tygon tubing is resistant to all corrosive gas mixtures. This must be used for gases such as ammonia, chlorine and Nitrogen dioxide. The tube within a tube provides more flexibility than normal Teflon allowing it to be used in field applications as well as in laboratory applications.

CAC-Stainless Steel Flexible

The stainless steel flexible hose has a Teflon lining to provide both corrosive resistance as well as durability in harsh environments. This hose is a simple solution for connecting high pressure regulators to docking station systems or other calibration panels.  It comes with screw on connectors to a standard 4m connection. 

CAC-Stainless Steel Rigid

Stainless Steel rigid tubing is used for permanent installations or long run applications where a gas distribution system is supplying, carrier, specialty or calibration gas to a gas analyser, GC or docking station system. Available in ¼” and 1/8” inside diameter in multiple lengths. The tubing requires special tools for bending and mounting accessories for installation.

CAC-1/8” and 1/6” OD tubing with SilcoNert® 2000 coating.

Can be purchased individually or as part of our Precision Analyser Solution

Typical Calibration Kit Applications

Confined Space Entry Kit:

A Two-Cylinder Hard Case, one FF-100 regulator, one ODFR-1001 regulator, one metre of E3603 and one metre of SE200 tubing,

Two Cylinders of 4gas mixtures (H2S/CO/CH4/O2)

Parking Garage Kit:

A Three Cylinder Bag, one FF-100 regulator, two metres of E3603

Two 103 litre cylinders of 20 or 50ppm Carbon Monoxide,  One  103 litre Cylinder of Zero Air

Oil & Gas: Methane and H2s Fixed System Kit: 

Three Cylinder Bag, two FF-100 regulators, two metres of E3603 tubing,

One 103 litre cylinder of 2.5% CH4 and one 112 litre cylinder of 50ppm H2S, one 103 litre cylinder of zero air.

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