CAC – ECL-Ergonomic Cylinder Lifts 

CAC-Xe Nâng Xi Lanh Công Thái Học (ECL)

The ECL-Ergonomic Cylinder Lifts is a unique handcart that can move cylinders without lifting or rolling the cylinder. Just clamp, tilt and cart away. Once you get the cylinder to the desired place simply tilt the cylinder back using one hand and roll the cart forward to place the cylinder on the surface. Easily lift the cylinder by the cap to the desired height and unload.


  • Equipped with 8” no flat tires, front swivel castors with brake on right front, fixed rear castors.
  • A bracket range for cylinders 9” to 9.75“, up to 270 lbs maximum working weight.
  • Solid steel body design, single galvanized rising bracket shaft.
  • Components are steel, rubber, galvanize and no-lead powder coat.

Brackets for cylinders and tanks to 12” can be ordered for the ECL-8 however, it is recommended that an operator use an accessory leverage handle with any cylinder or tank above 10.25” OD.


The ECL-8-M16 option replaces the rear 8” castors on model ECL-8 with a steel axel and rear 16” no-flat tires. The M16 is recommended if operators are moving cylinders over gravel, snow or other rough terrain.

Watch more videos of the ECL in action on the Ergo-Safe YouTube Channel

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