CAC – Gas Cylinder Enclosures

CAC- Hộp lưới bảo vệ bình khí

Gas Cylinder Enclosures provide a safe and secure location to store high pressure and non-refillable gas cylinders. The lockable enclosures are manufactured from 100% aluminum providing a durable and corrosive resistant material. Enclosures are available in a variety of designs to manage all types of cylinder sizes. 

CAC-23006: Gas Cylinder Enclosures

Vertical 5 -10 cylinder storage.

W610 x H1800 x D815

CAC-23007: Gas Cylinder Enclosures

Vertical 10 – 20 cylinder storage.

W1510 x H1800 x D815


Vertical 4 cylinder storage.

W760 x H960 x D815

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