Portable gas detector, Fixed gas detector and other Safety equipment for Confined space

Máy đo khí Honeywell Analytics

Four gas detector: This is the most popular detector, come with 4 gases are: LEL (or called Ex / Combustible / Flammable), O2, CO and H2S. Application is detect risk of gas in confined spaces

VOCs gas detector, detect “Volatile Organic Compounds – VOCs”. They use PID sensor for detect hundreds kind of VOCs. PID sensor use PID lamp come with popular type: 9.8eV, 10.6eV and 11.7eV. Application in electronic and lather shoe factory.

“ANH VU Gas detection” supply Portable and Fixed gas detector from brands: MSA, BW Honeywell, RAE systems, Crowcon for detect: O2; CO; CO2; H2S; CH4; HCl; NO; NO2; NOx; NH3; HF; H2; SO2; Cl2; ClO2;