Calibration gas detector

Calibration gas detector is the exposing of the sensor to a certified concentration of gas for a particular length of time. The calibration process verifies that the gas detector is providing accurate readings. Part of the calibration process requires a process called zeroing. Zeroing sets the sensor to recognize the ambient air as clean air. If the gas detector is in a clean air environment, (meaning there are no other gases present and relevant to that sensor type), then the air in the room can be used to zero the sensor.

Calibration equipment for Gas detector include automatic calibration dock by detector makers or just need Calibration gas cylinder and valve regulator for manual calibration. Each gas detector recommend difference gas concentration and flow for calibration by maker.

With more than 13 years experience, ANH VU gas detector supply Standard calibration gas with high accuracy by Calgaz USA and also supply Calibration service for almost popular gas detect brands.


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