Combustible gas detector

Ex / LEL / Flammable / Combustible gas detectors are used in work places that use combustible gas in order to secure worker safety, detect the location of any leakage, and measure gas concentrations.

ANH VU gas detection supply all range of Combustible gas detector for application:

  • Leak detector for plant, piping transfer system or any areas which may risk for combustible gas leak. It usually use for survey job.
  • Personal single gas monitor for LEL, protect worker or any person who work in areas may content combustible gas. Popular model is RAE systems ToxiRAE Pro LEL
  • Other Ex / LEL / Flammable / Combustible gas detectors is a detector with integrated pump for confined space (Called Confined space gas detector). This kind of detector not only detect LEL Combustible gas, it also detect O2 and toxic gas to checking confined space before entering.

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