Calgaz valve regulator

Calgaz valve regulator production range include: 700 Series Regulator, 800 Series Regulator, 1000 Series Regulator, 1700 Series Regulator, 2000 Series Regulator, 3850 Push Button Regulator, 4200 Series Regulator, Eco-Trigger Regulator, FF20 Series Regulator, R Series Regulator

700 Series Regulator : The most popular regulators supplied by Calgaz is the 700 series. These fixed flow regulators are preset and fully flow checked at the factory ensuring they reach you perfectly calibrated for your needs.

800 Series Regulator: The 800 series regulators have 4 different models including low/high-pressure applications and brass/stainless steel body. These variflow regulators can have selectable flow rates.

1000 Series Regulator: The combination of the piston first stage and stainless steel diaphragm second stage offers a high degree of accuracy and control without adjusting the delivery pressure as the supply pressure decreases. The 1000 Series high pressure regulators are designed for use with many low ppm corrosive gases and gas mixtures where high purity, low flow rates and stable delivery pressure must be maintained. The compact regulator size fits easily into tight spaces.

1700 Series Regulator: The 1700 series regulators are designed to provide an adjustable flow rate and are typically used with low ppm reactive gases and other high purity gas mixtures. The 1767 model and 1781 models are preset at the production facility to a user specified flow rate between 0.1 LPM – 6.0 LPM.

2000 Series Regulator: The Demand Flow Regulator is designed to work with pumped instruments. The regulator enables gas to flow when a vacuum exceeding 3” water gauge is pulled by the instrument. The regulator allows the calibration gas to flow at the rate required by the instrument, automatically cutting off the flow when the instrument is switched off.

3850 Push Button Regulator: The easy to use PBR (Push Button Regulator) is a single stage flow control device, designed for delivering calibration gas to breath alcohol instruments and for other non-reactive gas applications. With preset flow rates up to 23 LPM the PBR is the most versatile regulator of its type on the market.

4200 Series Regulator: The 4200 Series regulator, also known as the “Trigger” is designed to quickly release a small amount of gas. Pressing the trigger activates the regulator and dispenses gas at a specified preset flow rate. The Trigger regulator is a single stage flow control device.

Eco-Trigger Regulator: The Eco-Trigger Regulator has been designed to meet the needs of the Eco-Bump cylinder. Offering a simple and easy solution for bump or function testing. Operation is by an easy to use thumb operated paddle trigger.

FF20 Series Regulator: The FF20 series has been developed to specifically fit the 1AL aerosol-type cylinder. Calgaz offers four variations of the FF20.

R Series Regulator: The R21 is a single-stage, high purity regulator, designed for applications where low flow is required. The R31 is a dual-stage, high purity style regulator, designed for applications where a consistent outlet pressure and flow is desired. Both R21 and R31 are available in nickel-plated brass and stainless steel.

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