Gas detection equipment

Gas detection equipment content all range of gas detectors below:

Personal Gas Detectors
A single personal unit is assigned to each worker; they continuously monitor the worker’s breathing zone and alert the user when the environment becomes unsafe. Personal gas detectors can be single gas or multi-gas units.

Portable Gas Detectors
Portable devices can be handheld or carried around to check specific areas or zones, such as in Method 21 which is a site wide fugitive emission test procedure.

Fixed Gas Detectors
Fixed gas detectors are wall mounted devices used to continuously measure a defined area and can alert workers to a danger before they enter the area. Fixed units can usually be linked together and transmit data to another instrument for safety monitoring.

Semi-portable Gas Detectors
Semi Portable Gas Detectors meet the diverse requirements for gas detection industries and are generally used where a temporary or contractual method of detection is required for a specific project or incident.

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