Gas detector for confined space

A ‘confined space’ as defined for this article is any fully enclosed space where a risk may exist from noxious fumes, reduced oxygen levels or flammable gases. Site workers must often enter such spaces to carry out certain activities. Such applications can include: chambers, pipes, silos, tanks, vats, et cetera – to carry out routine inspections or scheduled maintenance. Although the term confined space, tends to evoke cramped areas, even large silos of 500+ tonne capacities can be designated confined spaces. The reason for this is that enclosures of this nature present reasonably foreseeable risks to health and safety.

Confined space gas detectors are designed to ensure occupational health and safety compliance and to protect personnel from exposure to harmful fumes, gases, vapours or lack of oxygen. A personal multi gas monitor can also be used to track the concentration of combustible gases and alert users if concentrations approach the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL). Therefore, mitigating the risk of potentially fatal ignition.

Most popular Gas detector for confined space is 4-Four gas detector for detect: LEL O2 CO and H2S which integrated pump for sampling outside confined space before entering.

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