The Crowcon Tank-Pro is an intrinsically-safe portable multi gas detector which is ideal for the detection of toxic gases, flammable gases and oxygen depletion or enrichment. The monitor features LEL, O2, CO and H2S sensors. Please note: that both the charging cradle and multi-region power lead for this unit must be purchased separately.

The Crowcon Tank-Pro is ATEX approved and can be used in atmosphere monitoring applications and harsh environments.  Typical applications may include monitoring the inerting or filling of tanks and pipes. It has an integrated pump which has the ability to draw a sample from lines of up to 30m long.

Crowcon’s Tank-Pro uses advanced sensor technology. It has a specific tank mode which means the auto-ranging flammable has level readings and inhibited toxic/oxygen alarms to ensure the user is focused on application. Their IR sensors are not inhibited by high hydrocarbon concentrations and unlike other sensors, they don’t require oxygen to work. The IR sensor in this unit is able to cope with gas in high %vol, as well as %LEL

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