The RAE Systems ToxiRAE II single gas monitor is a personal protection instrument that continuously displays toxic gas concentrations. Though it costs just a little more than disposable detectors, unlike typical disposables that only display “remaining life”, the RAE ToxiRAE II is a full-featured gas monitor providing continuous, digital display of the gas concentration, STEL, TWA, and Peak values as well as high, low, TWA, and STEL alarms.

A simple to use one-button product, the ToxiRAE II by RAE Honeywell is easy to calibrate. Use the pre-set alarms, or modify the alarms to meet your specific requirements. In contrast to disposables that are turned on once and remain on until their batteries expire, you decide when and where to use your detector and you turn it on and off accordingly.

This model is discontinued, replacement by Honeywell BW Solo

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