Calgaz SFR 5000 Automatic valve regulator for Gas cylinder




The patented SFR 5000 Series regulators are manufactured by our professionals at the Calgaz plant in Cambridge, Maryland. They are designed with a timing circuit, solenoid valve, and power source incorporated into a lightweight package.

They ensure an accurate volume of gas is dispensed each use, offering a convenient alternative to automatic calibration and bump test stations.


  • Repeatable calibrations for the Breath Alcohol (BrAc) market
  • Accurate bump tests for the Industrial Hygiene market
  • Any other use requiring a consistent volume of gas


  • Factory preset flow rate between 0.2 – 17 LPM
  • Timed flow adjustable up to either 30 seconds or 240 seconds
  • Automatic gas shut off for efficient gas usage and added safety
  • Simple knob to power on/off and adjust timing
  • Push button to initiate flow
  • Sleep mode to conserve batteries
  • Easily visible LED-illuminated dial provides feedback
 Body EN plated brass
Piston: Brass
Bonnet: EN plated brass
Cap: Aluminum
Seat & Seals: Teflon & Viton
O-Rings: Viton
Weight: 0.84lb / 0.38kg
Inlet Body Port: 5/8-18 UNF
Outlet Body Port:  
Min. Outlet Pressure: <70 psig/4.8bar
For use with Calgaz Cylinders: 2AL, 2ALR, 6D, 10AL, 10ALR



Calgaz is manufacturer for Calibration / Bump test gas cylinder for Gas detector / Gas analyzer. Calgaz gas cylinder suitable for almost gas detector brand ie: Industrial Scientific, Honeywell, MSA, Drager, Crowcon, Rae Systems, BW Technologies by Honeywell. Calgaz gas cylinder production range include: Calgaz 1AL, 2AL, 8AL, 10AL, 5ELR, 6D & 6DM, 7HP & 7EOC, 65ALR and High Pressure Cylinders (HPC) Calgaz valve regulator production range include: 700 Series Regulator, 800 Series Regulator, 1000 Series Regulator, 1700 Series Regulator, 2000 Series Regulator, 3850 Push Button Regulator, 4200 Series Regulator, Eco-Trigger Regulator, FF20 Series Regulator, R Series Regulator


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