Calgaz VOC gas cylinder 7HP 10PPM Isobutylene I-C4H8 A0197523


This gas concentration usually used for Calibration the VOCs gas detector ie: RAE ppbRAE 3000



Calgaz calibration gas 10PPM Isobutylene (I-C4H8) Balance Air 34 Liter Steel Cylinder, Inlet: CGA-600, Cylinder Model: 7HP 10PPM I-C4H8/AIR, PN: A0197523

Calgaz Desc 7HP 10PPM I-C4H8/AIR
New Part Number A0197523
Compressed Volume 34 Liters
Pressure 494 psig/34 bar
Dimensions 279 mm x 76 mm
Weight 0.68 kg
Shelf Life 36 Months



Calgaz is manufacturer for Calibration / Bump test gas cylinder for Gas detector / Gas analyzer. Calgaz gas cylinder suitable for almost gas detector brand ie: Industrial Scientific, Honeywell, MSA, Drager, Crowcon, Rae Systems, BW Technologies by Honeywell. Calgaz gas cylinder production range include: Calgaz 1AL, 2AL, 8AL, 10AL, 5ELR, 6D & 6DM, 7HP & 7EOC, 65ALR and High Pressure Cylinders (HPC) Calgaz valve regulator production range include: 700 Series Regulator, 800 Series Regulator, 1000 Series Regulator, 1700 Series Regulator, 2000 Series Regulator, 3850 Push Button Regulator, 4200 Series Regulator, Eco-Trigger Regulator, FF20 Series Regulator, R Series Regulator


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