Calibration service for RAE system gas detector



The above calibration service is per monitor for any model of RAE Systems portable gas monitors with any combination of the following sensors installed O2 (oxygen) / CO (carbon monoxide) / H2S (hydrogen sulfide) / LEL (Lower Explosive Levels) / PID (for volatile organic compounds). Calibration of exotic sensors is available upon request, please call for details at 03344 13586. Simply ship your RAE Systems gas detector to us and we’ll test it, adjust it, and have it back out to you via a courier the very same day we receive the unit. The cost includes a calibration certificate for your records.

Monitors calibrated include but not limited to:

  • ToxiRAE Pro Single-Gas Monitors for VOCs, O2, Toxic, CO2 and Combustible Gases
  • MicroRAE wireless Four-Gas Monitor (PGM-26XX Series)
  • QRAE 3 One-to-Four-Gas Detector (PGM-25XX Series)
  • MultiRAE Multi-Threat Monitors (PGM-62X8 Series)
  • MultiRAE Lite Monitors (Models PGM-6208 and PGM-6208D)

We offer the following services:

  • Gas detector calibration
  • Product repairs and refurbishing
  • Spare parts for RAE Systems equipment and other products
  • Battery testing and repair
  • Wireless connectivity and data logging set up
  • And more!

For more information about other RAE Systems parts, accessories and testing and calibration tools, please contact us at: 03344 13586




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