Crowcon Vortex FP Flameproof Gas Detector Control Panel




Crowcon Vortex FP



Crowcon gas detectors (portable and fixed) are suitable for applications in many industries and for detecting a wide variety of dangerous gases – protecting people and plant from gas risks (toxic and flammable) in both industrial and hazardous areas with IECEx and ATEX certification. Portable product range: Gas-Pro, Gas-Pro IR, Gas-Pro PID, Gas-Pro TK, T4, Tetra 3, Gasman, Clip SGD, Detective+, Detective Wireless, LaserMethane Mini, Triple Plus+ Fixed product range: XgardIQ, IRmax, Xgard Bright, Xgard, TXgard-IS+, Flamgard Plus, TXgard Plus, Open Path Gas Detectors, FGard IR3 Flame Detector, Xsafe, F-Gas Detector


Vortex FP Specifications

  Vortex Vortex Rack/Panel
Size 440 x 640 x 332mm (17.3 x 25 x 13 ins) 450 x 330 x 289mm (17.6 x 13 x 11.4 ins)
Weight 70Kgs (154lbs) approx. 37.5kgs (83lbs) approx.
Enclosure material LM25 aluminium with polyester powder coating
Ingress protection IP66
Channels Up to 12 (1 to 3 4-way input modules)
Operating temperature -10°C to +40°C (14°F to +140°F)
Humidity 0-95% RH non-condensing
Inputs Gas    2 or 3 wire 4-20mA (sink or source), 0-5V
  Fire – smoke & heat detectors, manual call-points   Up to 3 loops, Up to 20 devices per loop
Outputs External audible/visual alarm drive Via relays, four 24Vdc 0.5A supplies provided.
Relays Type Up to 32 SPCO with bus extension module Relay limitations: 1 or 2 input modules: 2 relay modules max. (16 relays) 3 input modules: 1 relay module only (8 relays)
  Assignment – Common Battery back-up not available
  Assignment – Voting Alarms, faults and system events
  Relay modes    Energised/de-energised, latched/non-latched, time-delayed, pulsed
Digital communications DCS/PLC/PC:  RS-485 Modbus or Profibus
Local configuration link: RS-232 (configuration software and lead supplied)
Event logging Up to 300 alarm, power, fault, system events are stored in Non-Volatile Memory
Panel indication Channel number:  2-digit 7-segment Green LED
Gas reading: 4-digit 7-segment Red LED
Measurement units:  % LEL, ppm, % Vol, Fire
Power:  Green LED
Battery OK:  Green LED
Run/hold indication:  Green LED
Channel test mode:  Flashing Amber LED
System fault – integrity watchdog:  Amber LED
Displayed information can be altered and outputs can be inhibited during calibration using a magnetic key
Alarm indication Audible – internal sounder:  Piezo
Visual – Alarm: Level 1 & 2, Red LED; Fault – Per channel, Amber LED; Inhibit – Per zone, Amber LED
Power AC mains/DC: 110 or 240Vac 3.2A max 150W PSU 20 – 30Vdc 85 – 264Vac 0.8A max 75W PSU 20 – 30Vdc
  Battery back-up: not available
Approvals Low voltage directive: EN61010-1
ATEX Ex 112G, IECEx optional
Functional safety Validated to IEC61508






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