Honeywell Biosystems PhD6 Sperian up to 6 gases detector




Sperian Biosystems PhD6 Multigas Detector

The Biosystems PhD6 Multigas Detector is the latest development in compact multigas detection systems. The detector is proven to be compact, efficient, and cost effective. With dual alarm systems featuring ultra-loud audible indicators and ultra-bright LED visual indicators, users and those nearby are always notified when potential hazards may be present. When developing this detector, the engineers at SperianProtection Instrumentation also developed an express docking station that would reduce calibration time and labor costs. The detection and docking station help users meet record keeping requirements and reduce the risks of human error. With the SperianBiosystems PhD6 Multigas Detector, users can rest assured that they are receiving the very best in gas detection technology.

Key Features

The Biosystems PhD6 Multigas Detector is compatible with over 19 sensor choices including:

  • PID
  • IR-CO2
  • IR-CH4
  • Conventional LEL
  • Oxygen
  • 15 different toxic gas sensors

The gas detector is encased in a durable solid polycarbonate case with a rubber over mold for easy handling. It has an interchangeable battery pack with both Alkaline and Li-Ion rechargeable batteries. Both battery types offer up to 24 hour run times. The unit features dual audible alarms at 92 decibels and front and side ultra-bright LED visual alarms to ensure that the user and those nearby are always notified of possible hazardous conditions. For easy interpretation, the detector has an easy to read status bar and large LCD display that notifies users of the device’s functionality and calibration due date. Using the menu options, users can easily adjust a variety of the instrument’s settings.

Automatic Docking Station

When developing the PhD6 Multigas Detector, product developers also created an automatic docking station (Biosystems IQ6 Express Dock) to be fully compatible with the detector. The docking station aims to reduce labor time and costs by fully automating certain aspects of instrument maintenance including calibration, functionality testing, and record keeping. Using the Express Dock, users can maintain compliance with recordkeeping requirements by simply docking the detector in the station. The station will automatically perform a variety of operations without user intervention.

Sperian Protection Instrumentation and Honeywell

Sperian Protection Instrumentation is a global leader in personal safety equipment. The company was recently acquired by Honeywell, another global leader in technology and innovation. As a Fortune 100 company, Honeywell has a vested interest in maintaining its reputation as a developer of efficient and reliable safety equipment. Sperian Protection Instrumentation helps to expand Honeywell’s personal safety offerings while advancing their position in the American market. By purchasing a product by Sperian and Honeywell, customers can be assured they are receiving the very best in safety technology and equipment.


Honeywell Analytics

Find the gas detection solution built for your specific needs

You rely on your workers to get the job done. And they count on you to keep them safe. Honeywell Analytics understands your commitment to safety. That’s why we offer a wide range of advanced gas detection systems and devices that provide exceptional protection at every level.  Just as important, our products come with industry-best training and support—it’s all part of our pledge to be your true partner in safety.


PhD6 Instrument Configurations

Part Number  Common PhD6 Sensor Configurations
Take the part number and add the suffix(es) from the chart below
54-53-A01020800 O2/ LEL/CO/H2S
54-53-A01025080 O2/CO/H2S/IR-CO2/LEL
54-53-A01025100 O2/CO/H2S/IR-CH4
54-53-A01025280 O2/CO/H2S/LEL/PID
54-53-A02198000 O2/H2S/CO-H/LEL
54-53-A02195080 O2/H2S/CO-H/IR-CO2/LEL
54-53-A02195100 O2/H2S/CO-H/IR-CH4
54-53-A02195280 O2/H2S/CO-H/LEL/PID
54-53-A14008000 O2/Duo-Tox (CO/H2S)/LEL
54-53-A14005080 O2/Duo-Tox (CO/H2S)/IR-CO2/LEL
54-53-A14005100 O2/Duo-Tox (CO/H2S)/IR-CH4
54-53-A14005280 O2/Duo-Tox (CO/H2S)/LEL/PID
54-53-A03148000 O2/SO2/Duo-Tox (CO/H2S)/LEL
54-53-A06148000 O2/NO/Duo-Tox (CO/H2S)/LEL
54-53-A09148000 O2/NO2/Duo-Tox (CO/H2S)/LEL
54-53-A10148000 O2/HCN/Duo-Tox (CO/H2S)/LEL
54-53-A14158000 O2/SO2 (ext. Range)/Duo-Tox (CO/H2S)/LEL
54-53-A14188000 O2/Duo-Tox (CO/H2S)/Cl2 (Specific)/LEL
54-53-A14218000 O2/Duo-Tox (CO/H2S)/NH3/LEL
54-53-A03148000 O2/SO2/Duo-Tox (CO/H2S)/LEL
Note: Contact us to help you configure the PhD6 for your needs
There are many more options available.

Battery/Kit/Upgrade Options

(Add Suffix to Part Number)

1 Select Battery Type A – Alkaline Instrument Only
N – Rechargeable (Li-Ion) Instrument Only
2 Select Upgrades
(Optional only on some models)
W – Datalogging and Vibrating Alarm Upgrade

PhD6 Sensors

 Part # Sensors Range Resolution
54-54-80 LEL combustible gas 0-100% LEL 1% LEL
54-54-90 O2 – Oxygen 1-30% Vol 0.1%
54-54-01 CO – Carbon Monoxide 0-1000 ppm 1 ppm
54-54-02 H2S – Hydrogen Sulfide 0-200 ppm 1 ppm
54-54-03 SO2 – Sulfur Dioxide 0-25 ppm 0.1 ppm
54-54-06 NO – Nitric Acid 0-350 ppm 1 ppm
54-54-09 NO2 – Nitrogen Dioxide 0-50 ppm 0.1 ppm
54-54-10 HCN – Hydrogen Cyanide 0-100 ppm 0.2 ppm
54-54-13 PH3 – Phosphine 0-20 ppm 0.1 ppm
54-54-14 Duo-Tox – Provides substance specific readout for CO & H2S CO: 0-1000 ppm
H2S: 0-200 ppm
1 ppm
54-54-18 Cl2 – Chlorine (Specific) 0-50 ppm 0.1 ppm
54-54-19 CO-H – CO Minus H2 Reduced Sensitivity to Hydrogen (H2) 0-1000 ppm 1 ppm
54-54-21 NH3 – Ammonia 0-100 ppm 1 ppm
54-54-50** IR-CO2 – Non Dispersive Infrared Carbon Dioxide 0-5%/Vol.
0-50,000 ppm
10 ppm
54-54-51** IR-CH4 – Non Dispersive Infrared Methane 0-100% LEL
1% LEL

Honeywell Biosystems PhD6 Accessories

Part No. Description
54-54-102 Motorized Sample Draw Pump
PHD6-ABAT-1 Alkaline Battery Pack
PHD6-RBAT-1 Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Pack
54-54-103-1 Li-Ion Battery Charger
54-54-103-12 Vehicle charger (12 VDC) includes: cigarette lighter style adapter and mounting hardware
54-54-104 Calibration/Sample Draw Cover
54-54-105 Manual Sample Draw Kit: includes probe, squeeze bulb, 10′ of tubing and sample draw adapter
 54-05-A0403 Sample Probe Assembly (Does not include squeeze bulb, tubing or sample draw adapter)





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