NA1000J Gas control panel with temperature & Humidity function



NA1000J gas meter monitor central gas controller with temperature & Humidity function

Brief Introduction:

NA1000J gas control system is an intelligent on-line monitor host developed according to the need to environmental monitor in the process of industrial production. It can detect the content of measured gas in environment by connecting to sensing unit. When the content of measured gas in environment is above-norm, real-time alarm shall be performed. It has the functions of temperature and humidity detection. This system can be extensively applied in petroleum, iron and steel and petrochemical industries, etc.

Main featurers:

1. RS485 bus topology, detection, display, record and alarm of 8 detect points
2. Ultra wide design of working power supply 185~265VAC, preventing surge, anti-attack of thundering design
3. Steady mounting structure, small maintenance
4. It can adopt a centralized bus power supply, also can use independent regional power supply
5. Name, measuring range, resolution and unit of each channel can be modified flexibly
6. Its concentration alarm adopts high and low two levels. It carries out real-time monitoring on combustible gas within the lower explosive limit in industrial environment, and is able to transmit the on-site gas concentration information to the monitoring center at real time.
7. The instrument adopts embedded software design, with powerful function and friendly interface
8. The instrument adoptsembedded software design, with powerful function and friendly interface.

Technical Parameters

Display screen:
1. Display color : white
2. No. of Lattice : 192*64
3. Backlight color : Blue
4. Working voltage : 5V
5. Dimension : 130.0 × 65.0 × 12.9mm
6. Environment temperature : -20℃ ~ 70℃

Analog input:
1. Input tupe: 1~8 way two-wire system, three-wire system, 4~20mA transmitter
2. Uncertainty: uncertainty
3. Input impedance: 80ohm
4. Working voltage: 24V
5. Consumption power: ≤0.48W
6. Transfer distance: ≤1000m
7. Connection method: three core shielded cable

Digital input:
1. Input No.: 1~32 way transmitter
2. Working voltage: 24V
3. Transfer connector: RS485
4. Transfer distance: ≤1000m

Connection method:
0.75m2 five core shielded cable

Far-transfer output :
1. Transfer connector : RS485
2. Transfer distance : ≤1000m
3. Connection method: two core shielded cable

1. Contact method : Normal open
2. Output method : 1-4 way alarm
3. DC voltage : 1A 30V DC
4. AC voltage : 1A 250V AC

1. Time error : ±3min/year
2. Alarm storage : 2000pcs alarm message
3. Working voltage : 210VAC - 230VAC, 50/60 HZ
4. Temperature: -20℃ - 60℃
5. Humidity : 0 - 85%
6. Installation method : Wall mount 236mm×209mm×117mm




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