RAE systems MicroRAE PGM-2600 portable gas detector, LEL/O2/CO/H2S/HCN




RAE systems MicroRAE LEL, H2S, CO & O2 Wireless Multigas detector

RAE Systems MicroRAE PGM-2600 for LEL, H2S, CO & O2 Wireless, Portable Four Gas Detector

Real-time visibility on threats — with an exceptional level of wireless flexibility and ease of use. So you can make faster, more informed decisions to improve safety and operations.

The right gas data at the right time to protect your people and operations

The MicroRAE portable, wireless, diffusion detector simultaneously monitors up to four gases, including hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O2) and combustibles (LEL). And thanks to its wireless flexibility, the detector is compatible with Honeywell’s ConneXt Safety Solutions, enabling you to see real-time gas readings, alarms, man-down status, compliance status, and other data from the gas detector — all from a remote location.

Location tracking for constant safety awareness

The MicroRAE has GPS capability1 for tracking the location of your workers, so you can immediately determine the location of an exposure and make critical decisions in the moment. With real-time monitoring and location tracking, you can plan the right response, protect your workers and prevent costly downtime.

User-friendly design

The MicroRAE is small, lightweight and easy to handle, while rugged enough to stand up to harsh environments. That means your workers can maneuver freely without their detector getting in the way. And since it’s so simple to operate, they can focus on the job at hand — not how to work their gas detector.

Reliable alarm awareness

The MicroRAE has a 100-decibel alarm — the loudest of all our detectors — so even if workers are in a noisy environment, they’ll know that danger is present. The MicroRAE also has a backlit screen and LEDs for maximum visibility in challenging conditions.

No wireless network? No problem.

The MicroRAE is equipped with Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology, which means you can get all the benefits of wireless gas detection — even without a private wireless network. Simply pair each MicroRAE with our intrinsically safe, ruggedized, glove-friendly smartphone; then our Safety Communicator smartphone app will send data from the MicroRAE — over a publicly available cellular network — to the real-time monitoring software in a remote location.

No wireless network? No problem.
No blind spots

Already have a private Wi-Fi or mesh network? Use BLE and Safety Communicator to ensure continuous wireless monitoring even when a worker is out of range. With the MicroRAE and real-time monitoring software, you never have to worry about blind spots. You always have visibility on your workers’ location and gas status.

Optional Confined Space Kit 1 (CSK 1, P/N 020-0040-010) includes-

  • Hard transport case with pre-cut foam
  • Tool Kit
  • Hand pump
  • 10″ stiff aluminum Sample probe with replaceable filter
  • 6 feet (2 meters) Tygon tubing
  • External filter (pack of 3)

Optional Confined Space Kit 2 for PGM2500(D) (CSK 2, P/N 020-0040-020) includes-

  • Four-gas mix in a 34L cylinder (50% LEL, 18% O2, 10ppm H2S, 50ppm CO)
  • Regulator and tubing
  • Compatible with PGM 2500 and PGM 2500D only


RAE Systems

Honeywell RAE Systems is a technology leader that owns and manufactures its sensor technology. The company holds over 18 chemical sensor patents and has developed proprietary photo-ionization detection (PID), wireless, and radiation detection technologies.


Size 117mm H x 76mm W x 24 mmD
Weight 206 g including Li-ion battery and clip
Sensors LEL Catalytic bead for combustibles

Liquid Oxygen (O2)

Electrochemical Sensor for CO, H2S, HCN

Battery Rechargeable Li-ion
Running Time 15 hours continuous non-wireless

11 hours continuous wireless

Note: all battery specifications at 20oC, lower temperatures and alarm conditions will affect runtime

Display Graphic Monochrome display with 2 colour back light modes

44mmW x 33mm H

Keypad 2 button operation
Direct Readout Real time readings of gas concentration and Man Down indicators

Multiple units display options

Wireless and GPS on/off and reception quality

STEL, TWA, peak and minimum values

Intelliflash and policy enforcement indicators

Datalogging Continuous datalogging (6 month for 4 sensors at 1-minute intervals)

User configurable datalaogging intervals

IP Rating IP-67





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