Riken Keiki RKI SP-220 Gas Leak Checker for Combustible, Toxic, Freon and Fumigation Gases


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For fumigation, town-gas and LP gas check. RKI SP220 Lead Checker.

SP-220 Features

Over 40 target gases available
Sensitivity and gas range automatically change based on selected target gas
Weighs only 7.5 ounces
Resistant to silicone poisoning
Silence gas alarms for discrete leak checking
Snap logging records and saves to up to 128 readings
Built-in LED lighting for dark and confined spaces
IP 55, SP 220
12 hours operation

RKI SP-220 Quick Specification

Category Portable
Type Single gas
Target gas Depending on Type
Sampling method Sample draw
Ingress proof rating IP 55
Approvals CE


Riken Keiki

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Model SP-220 TYPE FUM
(Toxic, Combustible, CFC)
Target gas Refer to the gas list
Detection principle Hot-wire semiconductor method (MOS)
Sensor SH-8662
Measuring range Depends on target gas
Accuracy Displays 0.1 ppm-bar when 0.3 ppm PH3 applied.
Alarm set point Depends on target gas
Alarm pattern Gas alarm : Gas concentration reached or over the setting point. Trouble alarm: Sensor connection / breaking, Low battery, Low flow 

Circuit error, Calibration error

Alarm method Non-latching
Display of alarm Gas alarm : Flashing LED, Buzzer 

Trouble alarm: Flashing LED, Buzzer, Display of error message

Sampling method Sample draw
Response time 10 sec.: Time to reach 0.1 ppm when 0.3 ppm PH3 applied.
Output signal IrDA
Control buttons [AIR] [MODE] [POWER]
Display device LCD
Display contents Gas name, Gas concentration, Time, Battery, Pilot indicator, Pump display indicator, Sound
Power source 2 AA Alkaline batteries
Continuous operation Greater than 12 hours
Operating temp. & humidity -20~+55°C (-4°F~+131°F), 0~95%RH(Non-condensing)
Dimension & weight 7.87”(H) x 1.69”(D) x 1.85”(W) (Tapered nozzle not included), 7.5oz
Ingress rating IP-55
Function Manual LCD backlight (Automatically ON when alarming), Peak value, Snap logging, Time, Cal alarm
Standard accessories Hand strap, Rubber cover, Tapered nozzle

Gas type and Range

Gas name Display Conc. Display 1 (ppm) Conc. Display 2 (ppm)
1,2- Dichloroethane EDC 1 10
2,3,3,3- Tetrafluoropropene CH2C2F4 10 30
Acetone C3H6O 1 10
Ammonia NH3 10
Arsine AsH3 0.2
Benzene C6H6 0.5 10
Carbon monoxide CO 10 30
CFC R-134a R-134a 50 250
CFC R-22 R-22 10 50
CFC R-32 R-32 10 50
CFC R-404A R-404A 10 50
CFC R-407C R-407C 10
CFC R-410A R-410A 10 50
Diborane B2H6 0.1
Ethanol C2H5OH 1 10
Ethylene C2H4 1 10
Ethylene oxide ETO 1 10
Formaldehyde HCHO 10 50
Germane GeH4 0.2
Hydrogen H2 1 10
Hydrogen bromide HBr 10
Hydrogen chloride HCL 10
Hydrogen selenide H2Se 0.5
Hydrogen sulfide H2S 0.1
Isobutane i-C4H10 1 10
Isopropyl alcohol IPA 1 10
Methane CH4 1 20
Methanol CH3OH 1 10
Methyl bromide CH3Br 1 20
Methyl chloride CH3CL 1 10
Methyl ethyl ketone MEK 1 10
n-hexane n-C6H14 10 50
Phosphine PH3 0.1 2
Propane C3H8 1 10
Silane SiH4 0.5
Sulfur dioxide SO2 1
Toluene C7H8 1 10
Trichloroethylene C2HCL3 10
Vinyl chloride VCM 1
Xylene C8H10 1 10

Gas Name Display Display 1 (ppm) Display 2 (ppm) Display 3 (ppm)
Carbon disulfide CS2 0.1
Ethylene dibromide C2H4Br2 1 10 30
Hyrdrogen cyanide HCN 1
Methyl bromide CH3Br 1 20 100
Methyl iodide CH3I 1 10 30
Phosphine PH3 0.1 2 4.5
Sulfuryl fluoride SO2F2 800


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