Rongde Electro-penumatic Type Tank Level Gauge



Rongde Electro-penumatic Type Tank Level Gauge

The operating principle is basically same as air-purge type level gauge and convert penumatic pressrue to 4~20mA through electic indicator and E/P converter. The 4~20mA signal is sent to automation system, where the calculations for levels or drafts are done.

Technical Spec.:

• Power supply: AC220V/50Hz,AC110V/60Hz
• Power consumption: 5W/point
• Air source pressure: 0.4~0.7MPa
• Air consumption: 10L/channel
• Working pressure: 0.3MPa
• Ambient temperature: 0~+60℃
• Output signal: 4~20mA, Rs485
• Sounding pipe:Φ6X1,Φ8X1,Φ10X1 seamless steel pipe
• Signal pipe:Φ6(orΦ8)X1 copper pipe
• Measurement range: 0~20m
• System accuracy:±1%FS
• Blind zone: 100mm
• Type approval: CCS,GL,NK,BV,RINA,ABS


• Advanced technology, self-checking for sensor and system
• E/P converter is RDLY Presssure transmitter which is high accuracyt and stable performance
• RS485 connect with PC and show various data with visual pattern
• High/ low level alarm and ultimate high/low alarm, with audio-visual alarm
• Revise the fault of measured specific gravity
• Has flush sounding pipe function


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