Rongde Fuel Oil Master 1000



Function of Fuel Oil Master 1000:

  • Fuel consumption inquiry
  • Fuel consumption analysis
  • Fuel consumption record
  • Shipping information record

Fuel Oil Master 1000 Advantage:

  • Real-time monitor and record the ship fuel by automatical
  • Unifiction and standardization data format to record and send. And,accept kinds of ship information in order to conveniently monitor fuel data processing
  • According setting time, emit the fuel monitoring report to client terminal. And, the client terminal can call the ship and send the correct report.
  • With the function of display, print and simple analysis, it is convenient to control in field to adjust equipment parameters in order to save the fuel consumption
  • With real-time diagnosis function and state indicating for sampling equipment and interface, timely solve the trouble, and ensure the system is working in normal and safety
  • Friendly and easy man-machine operation interface


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