Rongde RDYB204B Intelligent multifunction indicator



Rongde RDYB204B Intelligent multifunction indicator

RDYB204B application

The indicator can transmit 4~20mA simulation input signal to numeral signal and display on the LED display, and trigger audio alarm. It can simultaneously send out audio and visual alarm, and monitor a maximum 4 channels’ 4-20mAsimulation input signal. It is used for monitoring thermodynamic parameters, such as, combustible gas density, oxgen density, poisonous and harmful gas density, smoke density, etc.

RDYB204B Specifcation

Working voltage: DC18V~DC28V
Input signal: current signal 4-20mA
Measuring range: 0~100 %LEL(adjustable)
Output relay(NC): fault alarm,pre-alarm,high alarm,sound alarm
Max measuring point: 4 points
Sound alarm model: high alarm,pre-alarm,fault alarm
Overall size: 80H× × 160W 140L (mm)
Cutout size: 76H×153W (mm)


Strong anti-jamming, inner self-checking
Has alarm function, and read down the alarm time and the alarm state
Can adjust the measuring range, and simultaneously set main/prep alarm value
LCD display


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