Rongde RDLM-04-LS Cargo Hold High Level/overfill Alarm System (9598%)



RDLM-04-LS system is designed using the magnetic float switch principle which has been proven very effective. Each system consises of the float switch and alarming panel. Reed switches inside the stem are activated by the permanent magnetic inside the float which rises and falls with the changes of liquid level. Once the reed switch is activated, it sends an alarm signal to the indicating unit in the control room.

RDLM-04-LS Application:

Monitor liquid level for various tank, cabint and water tank. Also, be used in cargo high alarm/overfill alarm for oil tank, chemical tanker, LPG and so on.

Technical Spec.:

• Power supply: AC220V/50Hz,AC110V/60Hz,DC24V
• Medium density: >0.5g/cm³
• Ex marking: Exia II CT6
• Operating temperature: -10℃~+90℃
• Protection degree: IP56
• Type approval: CCS,DNV-GL,NK,BV,RINA,ABS


• Simulate the position of over liquid level through the pull rod of level sensor
• Advanced technology, self-checking, loop failure monitoring


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