Rongde RDYB-216 Intelligent indicator for Temperature system



Rongde RDYB-216 Intelligent indicator for Temperature system

RDYB-216 Specification

Operation voltage: DC18V~DC28V
Accuracy: 0.1%FS
Input signal: Pt100,3-wires
Monitoring point quantity: 16points(max)
Output relay capacity: AC250V/2A
Output signal: sound alarm, light alarm
RS485: 2400bps
Overall size: 80H× × 160W 140L(mm)
Cutout Size: 76H×153W(mm)


Powerful anti-jamming, inner self-checking
Connect pc with the RS485 interface
Set the lower value or upper value for temperature alarm
Fix inner sound alarm possibly. Alarm Meter light and alarm relay with the capacity AC220V/2A
One temperature value exceed upper or lower limit, its indicator light turn on, and the inner sound alarm emit alarm. At the same time, the inner alarm relay run.
Set “slope” and “zero leaning” with soft key. Use the emendation method without POT in order to great reduce the change of temperature and few influence the accuracy by machine shake.
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