Senko SP12C7 Multi Gas Detector for CH4 O2 CO H2S


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Multi Gas Detector : SP12C7

Device description

SP12C7 is an united gas detector measuring four (4) major gases, which result the most of the industrial accidents, to protect workers from the disasters caused by the oxygen deficiency, toxic gas poisoning and gas explosion. Measure continuously four (4)ㅡgases (O₂, CO, H₂S and Combustible Gas(CH₄)) and display their concentrations and raise an alarm when the risk occurs.

Major Applications

Steelworks, petrochemical, refining, shipbuilding, wastewater treatment plants and septic, mining, power, agency, chaengkeu, confined space work area

Feature Senko SP12C7

01. Simultaneously check 4 different gases (methane, oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide)
02. Explosive proof structure for the safety
03. Rubber material case for the shock protection
04. External pump and probe installation
05. Automatic light on when alarming
06. Both rechargeable battery and alkaline battery are compatible
07. The excellent water proof/dust proof structure
08. Data logging(Under development)
09. RUSSIA Gost-R Certification
10. EUROPE electromagnetic waves fitness Certification



SENKO are a gas sensor developer and manufacturer, established in 2004 in South Korea. Their portable gas monitors are being used and marketed by many well-known companies in the gas detection industry. Their cutting-edge unique portable monitor design, provides clients with a robust, reliable, and cost-effective portable gas monitor. Korea SENKO Gas detectors are used to measure and indicate the concentration of various gases in air and can be used as an early detection system against increase in concentration of life threatening gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and ammonia (NH3) apart from combustible gases. SENKO Gas detectors product range:
  • Senko SGT Portable Single Gas Detector
  • Senko MGT Portable Multi Gas Detector
  • Senko SP Secure Portable Gas Leak Detector
  • Senko SP2nd Portable Single Gas Detector
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Thông số

Model SP12C7
Measuring gas CH4 O2 CO H2S
Measuring type External Pump or Diffusion Type
Measuring method Catalytic Galvanic Electrochemical cell Electrochemical cell
Measuring range 0~100%LEL 0~30%VOL 0~500ppm 0~100ppm
Sensor life time > 2 years > 18Month > 2 year > 2 year
Response time < 15sec/90%scale < 15sec/90%scale < 30sec/90%scale < 30sec/90%scale
Accuracy ±3%/Full scale
Resolution 1%LEL 0.1%VOL 1PPM 1PPM
Parameter Control Front 2 switch (calibration, maintenance, alarm setting)
Operation mode display Digital LCD display, LCD Backlight, Indicator LED
Measuring value display Digital LCD Display
Alarm display Visual : LCD alarm display, LCD Backlight, Indicator LED
Audible : buzzer (90dB @ 10cm)
Alarm level set Programmable within detection range
Sampling method External Pump or Diffusion
Flow rate External Pump : 0.5 Liter / min
Mounting type Belt Clip
Program set mode Alarm value (1,2 alarm) Alarm value (1,2,TWA, STEL alarm)
Calibration Gas concentration
Use sensor select
Password Setting
Operating temperature -20℃~55℃
Operating humidity 5 to 95% RH (Non-condensing)
Battery power Rechargeable Battery AA Size 2ea (1.2Vdc 2,100mAh)
Battery life time 500~1,000 time Rechargeable
Materianl PC / TPE
LCD size 38(W) X 35(H) mm
Dimensions 54(W) × 135(H) × 36(D)mm
Weight 240g
Option SP-PUMP101 (Sampling pump)
Approval EX iad IIC T4 IP67(KGS)



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