TGas-1031-H2 Hydrogen fixed gas detector 0~1000ppm



TGas-1031-H2 Hydrogen fixed gas detector 0~1000ppm with local display

Model Range Low alarm setting range High alarm setting range Low alarm point High alarm point
TGas-1031-H2 0~1000ppm 100ppm~300ppm 400ppm~600ppm 100ppm 500ppm
Parameters Characteristics
Detectable gas Flammable gases, oxygen, poisonous and harmful gases
Measurement precision ±5%F.S
Repeatability 2%
Measurement range Refer to lectotype table for details
Response time <30s(T90)
Sampling method Diffusion
Working environment Temperature: -30℃ ~ 60℃

humidity: below 85% (non condensation)

Remote control mode By the adjustment mode by infrared remote control, the detector can be adjusted without opening of cover
4 ~ 20mA


4~20mA output corresponding to 0 ~100%

maximum load 800 ohms

Alarm output The effective alarm is 1 point or 2 points; each alarm shall use SPDT electronic relay.

Contact rating of alarm relay:

Ohmic load: 5A@24VDC or 120VAC or 240VAC

Inductive load: 50VA

Communication Communication description: three-wire system parallel RS485 protocol, 32 points at most

Connection: Twisted pair with shield

Distance: maximum 1000m

Input voltage 24VDC±25%; power: 2W/way
Explosion-proof shell Explosion-proof grade: ExdIICT5

Protection class: IP66

Using cable ≥2.5mm2×4 screened cable line, outside diameter of cable is required to be between 6mm~9mm

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TGAS-1031 China Fixed gas detector, good quality




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