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Honeywell introduces BW Clip4 four-gas

With safety and sustainability a priority of regional government agendas, the non-charging BW Clip4 is an energy-efficient lifesaving gas detecting technology suitable for a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, wastewater management, manufacturing, construction, pharmaceuticals and other applications.

The BW Clip4 is cheaper to own and operate than other solutions on the market and the technology significantly reduces maintenance costs that are usually associated with fleets of portable gas detectors by eliminating repair work and the need to stock additional sensors and spare units. Because it is always on, the BW Clip4 helps drive safety compliance by assuring that workers wearing the device are always protected.

Fit and forget cycle

The BW Clip4 operates on a fit and forget cycle, simply turn it on once and replace the detector two years later when the unit prompts you to do so, said Bishoy Gerguis, portable gas detection leader for Honeywell Industrial Safety, Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META).

Gerguis added: The low-maintenance solution offers a whole new combination of benefits in multi-gas detection that haven not been possible until now: two years of battery runtime without recharging or changing batteries, small size and ease-of-use, the functionality of a multi-gas detector, and improved safety compliance at a time when regional safety regulations are becoming stricter.

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