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Industrial Scientific Corporation (ISC) history

Industrial Scientific Corporation, or ISC, develops, manufactures, and services fixed and portable gas detection equipment. Key markets include utilities, chemical production, oil and gas, steel and coke, paper industry, fire service, construction, military, insurance companies, food and drinks, and general industry. Industrial Scientific Corporation is active worldwide, either direct or through distributors.

Industrial Scientific Corporation is based in the Pittsburgh suburb of Oakdale in Pennsylvania. The Pittsburgh operations does manufacturing, development, and services of ISC products in the USA. Industrial Scientific has major operations in Shanghai, China; Arras, France; and Dortmund, Germany. The company’s competitors include Mine Safety Appliances, RAE Systems, and Dräger.

ISC was founded in 1976 as research and development department of the National Mine Service Company (NMS). This department had been founded to develop portable detection equipment for methane. In 1985 NMS sold this department to part of the departments management and ISC started operation as a private company.

In 2006, ISC acquired Oldham S.A. of Arras, France, a company primarily manufacturing fixed gas monitoring Systems.

In 2008, ISC acquired DBO2, a company using a self developed data mining software to predict and forestall safety problems primarily in the building industry.

ISC gas detector

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