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Portable Gas detector Ex-Stock for sell – Feb. 2018
  1. GasAlertMicroClip XL Multi Gas Detector, The BW MicroClip XL can be configured to monitor combinations of the following gases: Combustible %LEL, Oxygen (O2), Carbon Monoxide (C0), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
  2. GasAlertMax XT II, Go the distance and save with this smart, simple and economical way to compliance. Monitors H2S, CO, O2 and combustibles, One-button operation with robust, motorized pump, Compatible with MicroDock II
  3. GasAlertQuattro, Rugged and reliable, the GasAlertQuattro four-gas detector combines a comprehensive range of features with simple one-button operation. Detect: LEL/O2/CO/H2S
  4. BW Clip Series, The BW Clip Series of single-gas detectors provides up to three years maintenance-free operation: just turn on the device and it runs continuously – no need for sensor and battery replacement or battery charging. That means great reliability and no downtime. Available in a two-year or three-year version for H2S or CO
  5. MC-AS01 Manual Aspirator Pump Kit with Probe (1 ft. / 0.3 m)
  6. SR-X2V Replacement Oxygen (O2) Sensor
  7. MSA ALTAIR 4X Gas Detector – 4 gas monitor perfect for various industries, detect: LEL/O2/CO/H2S
  8. RAE Systems External PID Zeroing Filter – 008-3024-000
  9. 002-3022-010 RAE External Filter 45 mm 0.45 mm (pk of 10)

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