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We are happy to receive a calling from customers for asking a technical question. All our consulting services are free, including:

Choosing or Configuration a equipment:

We had been touching with thousands of customers and completed hundreds of different orders, moreover, we have many technical case which has shared from the manufacturer. Therefore, most of your applications we understand how to configure a equipment, a system for appropriate, durable, stable and economical. So do not hesitate to call us.

Using a equipment:

Any users call us will be defaulted is a customer, we conceive; supply good service, the customers will come back. Because of that, whether the equipment is or is not sold by us, we are free to advise customers on how to use and maintain with the most effective. Customers can done a the jobs > customer growly > we have more customers.

Calibration and repair:

Any device, even long-life iron, needs to be adjusted or repaired if damaged. When the market stabilizes, the demand for adjustment and repair is not inferior to the demand for new equipment. Call us if you want adjust or repair by yourself, or simply please send it to the service center, we will do it for free if it don’t need to use any our accessories or materials.

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