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Calibration gas detector:

In fact, the gas detector is one of the most demanding devices the calibration job. Do you know; The gas sensor is made from a chemical that will change the concentration immediately after it has reacted with the detectable gas. So, we have to calibrate them immediately before using them, not to wait for 6 months or 1 year as with other electricity meters. There are many factors that need to be calibrated regularly: natural milestones, component aging, or chemical poisoning, or simply you suspicious test result.

We offer portable gas detector and fixed gas detectors by many different manufacturers. After long years time, with the guidance by the manufacturer, experience, and handed calibration equipment, we provide the fastest, most accurate calibration service for gas detector at the most reasonable cost.

Maintenance for measuring and monitoring equipment:


According our recorded, only about 7% of the measuring equipment (with does not have a moving part) and 28% of the measuring equipment (with has a moving part) that we provide is damaged due to natural wear and tear. or aging. Remainder, most of the damage is due to operation or/and maintenance. Specifically, the equipment is only damaged due to moisture, chemicals or water ingress, while the system error by breaking the wire or sensor.

We provide periodic maintenance services for equipment that we have installed before. With our knowledge and experience, we know the parts, where the need to be tightened, welded, sealed or adjustment after long time use. Actually, the cost for maintenance is always very small compared with replacing the new one.


In principle, after longtime to use, the sensor with dirty, the wiring terminal loose, the cable reduced quality. A pressure measuring system or temperature measuring system will incorrect. Cleaning can only partially overcome, but the aging of the electronic components can not be recovery, it need to be specialized work; that is accuracy adjustment.

Our maintenance service always includes the adjustment job for equipment. We will bring standard equipment for current, voltage, and signal to your work place. Our technical will determine the error value and re-enters the new standard value for your equipment. Yes, that is great, everything will recovery the accuracy as it was before.

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