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What kind of works can we do?

Settup and installation fixed gas detection system:

With more than 9 years of experience in providing portable and fixed gas detection systems in the field of Fire & Gas. Therefore, we understand how to installation the fixed gas detection system. Understanding the physical and chemical characteristics of each gas, we well-know where to place the gas detector in the cover area. Not only that, we are well versed in anti-explosive regulations, we can determine what Safezone and Hazardzone is and how to make safe.

Settup and installation level measuring system:

Automation technology is always a top priority for sustainable development. Level measuring systems are essential in almost industrial field, such as; Marine, Petroleum, Chemical, Power, Mining and even your home. We are an expert in automation, we can measure the level of all your tank, hold, or your silo, whether it be liquid, solid, or chemical materials. So what we have to do with your level measuring system?

  • New technology: Not just simple measurement, we can transfer the measure data to other systems such as SCADA or BMS or even make Online it.
  • High quality equipment: Savings are very important factor in every phase, but pay for quality is really long-term savings. We are the distributor for many reputable level equipment manufacturer. We ensure the equipments we provide and setting up are always stable, accurate and highly customizable to reach your new demand in future.
  • Meticulous: Our technical team is always on the meticulous in working. Therefore, we will joint to your work as good and beautiful as do it for ourselves.

Setting up Measuring and Monitoring Oil/Chemical tanker system:

We provide measuring and monitoring equipment for oil/chemical tankers since 2008 and setting up almost of the newbulding oil/chemical tanker projects in Vietnam. We work with international standards, our quality always exceeds the requirement of shipowners and control agencies. Nearly 10 years supply Oil/chemical equipment, we always follow the works done projects, studying from foreign projects and listening feedback from customers. Our products are not only stable, durable, easy to use, customize but also ensure the high aesthetics of your project.


  • Joko pangrukti sarjono Posted October 24, 2018 4:28 PM

    Dear Sir,

    I work in Bunker Tanker ship and I was getting trouble about LEL alarm Sensor, There All Sensor be came fail
    And Before Normal Condition, so What will we do for that
    Thank you

    Joko pangrukti sarjono

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