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What solutions can we consult you?

Gas detection solutions consulting:

There are many different gas measurement applications in each industry: electronic components, leather shoes, textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding and petroleum. Please tell us your application and industry, we will tell you what you need to detect and what equipment to use.

Level measurement solution consulting:

Do you need to measure liquid level or solid level? Continuous measurement or just detect full, empty? What is your measurement environment; powder, seeds, or petroleum, chemicals? How is your tank? How much is the environmental temperature? And many other parameters related to accuracy, visibility, noise and so on. To choose a suitable, durable and economic solution, please call us, just a few bullet points, We will give you the model.

Safety equipment consulting:

Each work environment will require different safety equipment. You only have one or some of apps, but we serve thousands of customers, and in that there are a few customers who have apps like yours and we’ve been through. So if there is a need for a safety solution, confined space solution, just call us.

Cargo monitoring consulting:

That’s new to you, but we provide 93.55% of the Newbuilding Oil / chemical tanker project since 2008 up to now. We understand that equipment is suitable design dwg, equipment suitable classification, equipment should be equipped according to port authority requirements. And most importantly, what equipment ensures safe and effective exploitation. Our solutions always are exactly, enough and economical.

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