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We always passionate

Our motivation is not just economic, we are passionate with our work. We like to hear customers praise!

It sounds like a hobby, but really, we are passionate with our work. And you know, a passionate man may create perfect products and breakthroughs. Our credo is “pursue perfection”, we have built, and continuous to build a comprehensive synchronization in our company. We want our customers to recognize the brand “ANH VU Corporation” immediately once see the image or hear anyone talk about us.

We always elaborate everything:

Not only do for done, we want everything to be exactly, full functionable and with our character, it must be “beautiful”.

  • About company’s face, if you are reading this article mean you are on our website. Maybe, it will feel a bit complicated initially. But really, it is very simple, enough info, and it is our personality; We fine arrange all from the layout, the article, the product, so, you will find everything you need. For example: Who are we? What do we sell? What do we do? And in each product, you will see: the illustrations image are enough and beautiful, both of English and Vietnamese content, font size, catalog, and price. “Cool, very elaborate,” you will feel that, right?
  • When working with us, every team is comfortable, cheerful and enthusiastic but very serious when it comes to work. After consulting the product configuration, you will receive a very professional quotation with completed information of goods, parameters, conditions, terms. It may be a bit inconvenient when received our goods, as you will be hesitate to open it if you have to re-pack it to transfer to the next place. Because we packed very carefully and beautifully even the label stickers on the outside. For goods and materials inside, do not need talk anymore; They are well laid out, always in enough, even in addition to the manual, some of them have a “short tip” for using the product.
  • With the service for installation our measuring, monitoring and alarm systems, you will see that everything is “double check for all functions”. The final acceptance handover is only procedural or let us show the customer the advantages of resuilt compared contract. We see, what we do is more like artwork than industrial products.

That’s just a few examples, it is elaborate, is not it? But we think, only exactly, right, and beautiful if do all if its like above!

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