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Altair Pro Single Oxygen and Toxic Gas Detector



Option for detect below gases:

  • MSA ALTAIR Pro detect CO
  • MSA ALTAIR Pro detect H2S
  • MSA ALTAIR Pro detect O2
  • MSA ALTAIR Pro detect NH3
  • MSA ALTAIR Pro detect Cl2
  • MSA ALTAIR Pro detect ClO2
  • MSA ALTAIR Pro detect NO2
  • MSA ALTAIR Pro detect SO2
  • MSA ALTAIR Pro detect HCN
  • MSA ALTAIR Pro detect PH3

Based on the industry-standard ALTAIR Single-Gas Detector—but with added features and functionality—ALTAIR Pro toxic gas and oxygen detectors combine reliable detection and LED/audible/flashing/vibrating alarms with clear, backlit LCD displays. Electrochemical sensors measure concentrations of toxic gas (chlorine dioxide, hydrogen cyanide and phosphine) or percent oxygen. Purpose-built for superior dust and water protection, excellent impact resistance and excellent RFI performance.


  • Unit detects O2, ClO2, HCN and PH3
  • Gas concentration (chlorine dioxide, hydrogen cyanide and phosphine) or percent oxygen displayed on a large, clear, backlit LCD
  • Automatically records the last 50 alarm/test events while simultaneously recording peak gas readings or low O2 readings every three minutes in a periodic data log
  • User can read data or change alarm set points by connecting unit to MSA Link via built-in IR communication port
  • Adjustable alarm set points
  • No-miss quad alarm system includes bright flashing LEDs, piercing audible alarm, LCD notification, and an internal vibrating alarm
  • Rubberized armor housing and one-button operation for maximum durability and simplicity
  • Easy alarm check, bump check, fresh air zero, and calibration
  • Easily replaceable batteries and sensors
  • Markets: Contractor, Contractor, Industrial, Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities
  • Applications: Toxic Detection, Oxygen Detection


Technical Specification

Weight4.0 oz including clip
Dimensions3.4” x 2.0” x 1.0”
Operating Temperature Range-20 to +50ºC (-4 to +122ºF)
Humidity10-95% RH non-condensing
Gases & Measuring RangesGasRangeResolution
Oxygen0-25% by vol0.1 Vol.%
Carbon monoxide0-1500 PPM1 PPM
Hydrogen sulfide0-200 PPM1 PPM
Hydrogen cyanide0-30 PPM0.5 PPM
Chlorine0-20 PPM0.1 PPM
Chlorine dioxide0-1.00 PPM0.02 PPM
Sulfur dioxide0-20 PPM0.1 PPM
Nitrogen dioxide0-20 PPM0.1 PPM
Ammonia0-100 PPM1 PPM
Phosphine0-5.00 PPM0.05 PPM
Remote oxygen (O2-R)0-25% by vol0.1Vol.%
AlarmsAverage > 95 dB @ 1 ft, bright LEDs, vibrating alarm standard
WarrantySee instruction manual for full warranty information
Instrument lifeIndefinite with sensor and battery replacement as needed
BatteryCR2 lithium camera battery (9000 hour installed life – typical)
CasePolycarbonate with rubberized shell
DisplayLarge LCD with backlight
Ingress ProtectionIP67 (except O2-R is IP54)
Data Logging50 latest events in session log
Peak value every 3 minutes in periodic log
CertificationsUS and Canada: Class I, Div. 1, Groups A, B, C and D; Class II, Div. 1, Group G / Europe: Ex ia IIC T4 / USA: AEx ia IIC T4 / European Union: ATEX II 2G Ex ia IIC T4 / Australia: Ex ia IIC T4 (Ta = 50°C)




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