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Fours gas detector Biosystems MultiPro By Sperian – Honeywell



Biosystems MultiPro can option for detect 2~4 gases below:

  • LEL / O2
  • LEL / O2 / CO
  • LEL / O2 / H2S
  • LEL / O2 / Duo-Tox (CO/H2S)

Simultaneously monitors up to four confined space gases in real-time.

MultiPro Features & Benefits

  • One button operation and calibration
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Black box recorder with over 40 hours of storage

Quick Specs

  • Material” Polycarbonate with tough rubber overmold
  • Available sensors: O2, LEL, CO, H2S, DuoToc (CO/H2S)
  • Computer interface: Wireless via PC IrDA port

MultiPro Overview

The MultiPro multi-gas detector monitors up to four confined space gases simultaneously, in real-time. It offers one button operation and calibration, an easy-to-read LCD display, audible and visual alarms and event logger. The rugged, compact, economical MultiPro comes with an optional sample draw pump. As part of the IQ Management System, the automated IQ Express™ docking station saves on calibration gas costs, automates your record keeping, and ensures your instrument is working to specifications.

Features & Benefits:


  • Compact and rugged
  • One button operation
  • Easy-to-read front mounted backlit display
  • Over-molded boot


  • Automatic event logger (20 events, including sensor type, max, average, time and duration)
  • Black-Box recorder with over 40 hours of storage
  • Available with optional datalogging for convenient and easy downloading to a computer

Sensors and Calibration

  • Three sensors: O2, LEL and Biosystems’ Duo-Tox two channel CO/H2S sensor
  • Field replaceable sensors
  • One button auto calibration
  • Calibration due reminder
  • Sensor span reserve indicators during calibration for predictive maintenance


  • Alkaline or rechargeable (Li-Ion) versions
  • Up to 22 hours of run time
  • Drop-in fast charger
  • Recharges in less than 5 hours


MultiPro Specification

Size4.5″ x 2.7″ x 1.7″ (11.4 x 6.8 x 4.3 cm) Without Pump
6.8 ” x 2.7″ x 1.7″ (1 x 7.16.8 x 4.3 cm) With Pump
WeightAlkaline:  9.9 oz. (280g)  Li-Ion:  7.8 oz. (220g)
DurabilityMeets IP65 water standard
DisplayFront-mounted LCD simultaneously displays readings for up to 4 sensor channels
Audible AlarmLoud warbling, two-tone alarm rated at 92 dBA at one foot
Visual AlarmBright red LED alarm visible from front and sides
Display BacklightActivates with MODE button
ControlsTrue one-button operation including automatic calibration
HousingPolycarbonate case with over molded rubber boot
Battery OptionsAlkaline or rechargeable Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) battery packs
Battery Life (diffusion)22 hours with either battery pack (@ 70ºF/22ºC)
Battery Life with Pump14-16 hours with either battery pack or the #54-49-102 Motorized Pump – Optional
WarrantyTwo years including battery, pump and sensors

MultiPro Configurations

MultiPro Meter with
Sensors Installed
Battery Configuration
LEL / O254-48-300ADY54-48-300NDY
LEL / O2 / CO54-48-301ADY54-48-301NDY
LEL / O2 / H2S54-48-302ADY54-48-302NDY
LEL / O2 / Duo-Tox (CO/H2S)54-48-314ADY54-48-314NYD

MultiPro Options

Standard FeaturesCodeComments
AlkalineAMultiPro Alkaline & Li-Ion batteries are interchangeable.
Li-Ion version includes charger.
DataloggingDEnables the MultiPro to download recorded measurements to a PC. Datalogging software may be downloaded from Honeywell. Contact us for details.
Computer must support Infra-red IrDA to download.
Vibrating AlarmYInternal vibrating alarm

MultiPro Accessories

Honeywell Biosystems MultiPro Remote Accessories

Part #Description
54-49-102Continuous sample pump for MultiPro. Includes 10’ of sample tubing and sample probe assembly.
54-49-104Sample draw/calibration adapter
54-49-105Sample draw kit. Includes adapter, squeeze bulb, 10’ of tubing and sample probe assembly.
54-05-A0403Sample probe assembly. Does not include tubing, squeeze bulb, or sample draw adapter

Honeywell Biosystems MultiPro Sensors

Part #DescriptionRangeResolution
54-49-80CLEL Combustible gas0 – 100% LEL1% LEL
54-49-90O2 Oxygen0 – 30%/Vol.0.1%
54-49-25CO Carbon Monoxide0 – 1000 PPM1 PPM
54-49-02H2S Hydrogen Sulfide0 – 200 PPM1 PPM
54-49-14Duo-Tox Dual channel CO/H2S
Provides substance specific readouts for CO & H2S.
CO: 0 – 1000 PPM
H2S: 0 – 200 PPM
54-49-19CO-H, H2 resistant CO sensor0 – 1000 PPM1 PPM
Replacement Sensor Sets were discontinued by Honeywell effective Jan 1, 2015
54-49-200MultiPro sensor replacement set. O2, LEL, Duo-Tox
54-49-201MultiPro sensor replacement set. O2, LEL, CO
54-49-202MultiPro sensor replacement set. O2, LEL, H2S




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