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Hydra 256 Addressable car park gas detection system



Hydra 256 Gas Detection System

The Crowcon Hydra Addressable Gas Detection System is designed to monitor toxic and/or flammable gas hazards, particularly in car park applications.

Addressibility significantly reduces installation costs and makes savings through effective control of ventilation fans achievable, for example running fans at full power only when gas levels rise.


Hydra allows a connection of a maximum of 256 detectors to a single panel via addressable RS-485 loops.

Features include:

  • Able to control up to 256 remote outputs, all of which are programmable
  • Built-in relays can be used to indicate the system status remotely or provide control of auxiliary equipment
  • Modbus RTU output for connection to Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Event log functions
  • Optional battery back up


Crowcon Hydra 256 Specifications

  Hydra256 Hydra+  
Size 430W x 405H x 140D mm (16.9x16x5.5 ins) 100W x 180H x 65D mm (3.9x7x2.5 ins)
Weight 7.9Kg (17.4lbs) 0.4kg (0.9lbs)
Enclosure material Painted steel Painted alloy
Ingress protection N/A IP55
Operating temperature 0 to +55°C (32 to 131°F) -10 to +55°C (14 to 131°F)
Storage temperature -20 to +60°C (-4 to 140°F)
Humidity 15-85%RH non-condensing 20-90%RH non-condensing (RH @40°C)
Battery back-up 2 x 12V 7Ah lead-acid batteries (optional) N/A
Inputs Up to 256 addressable Hydra+ gas detectors. Two RS-485 buses supplied (max. 128 detectors), two extra buses may be added N/A
Outputs 3 x alarm relays (alarm level 1,2,3)
1 x fault relay
1 x power fail relay
1 x battery relay
1 x sounder relay
1 x test relaySPCO contacts rated 16A 230Vac
RS-485 Modbus
Addressable output modules One to four 16-way modules can be connected per RS-485 bus to provide up to 64 additional open-collector outputs, or up to 64 SPCO relays when used with 8-way relay modules. 256 outputs maximum N/A
Relays can be energised/de-energised, latched/non-latched, time-delayed, pulsed. Contacts rated 16A 230Vac
Digital communications RS-232 port for system configuration via a PC (software and lead supplied), or for Modbus communication to BMS/DCS/PLC systems. N/A
Event logging Up to 1000 alarm, power, fault, system events are stored in NVM and on SD card. N/A
Panel indication Graphic LCD
6 x red Alarm (alarm level 1,2,3)
2 x yellow Fault
2 x yellow Over-range
2 x yellow Under-range
2 x green Power/battery
2 x yellow Inhibit/test
Gases and ranges CO: 0-300ppm
NO2 : 0-20ppm LPG/Propane: 0-100% LEL
Sensor life 4 years typical
Approvals EMC: EN50270, EN61000-6-3: 2001 + A11 (2004) N/A



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