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TGAS-1031 Fixed gas detector, good type from China



TGas-1031 General

TGas-1031 on-line gas transmitter which adopts high performance sensor unit can continuously measure the concentration of gas on site and convert the concentration signal into digital or analog signal output (4-20mA analog signal, RS485 communication signal and switch quantity alarm signal to transmit remotely and drive).

It is widely used in such industries such as petroleum, chemical, natural gas, coal, metallurgy, electric power, municipal administration, telecom, tunnel construction, gas storage station, special plants and other places where flammable gases or toxic and harmful gases exist.

TGas-1031 Feature

  • Two kinds of optional mode of power supply, including centralized busbar type and independent area type.
  • High and low concentration alarm, performing real-time monitor to gas.
  • Anti-poisoning type gas sensor with high sensitivity.
  • Automatic modification of ageing curve of sensor, keeping constant alarm sensitivity.
  • Function of automatic recognition of sensor trouble, function of high concentration gas above-norm of sensor.
  • Function of automatic detection at starting up, and it has advanced function of self-diagnosis and self-reparing.
  • The calibrated concentration value is adjustable, facilitating users to set by themselves.
  • When the sensor loses the function of monitoring alarm because of ageing, the detector is capable of automatic recognition and alarm, so as to avoid missing report effectively.

Gas detection list

Gas detection list:

Model Range Low alarm High alarm Low High
Setting range Setting range Alarm point Alarm point
TGas-1031-FL 0~100%LEL 5%~10%LEL 25%~80%LEL 20%LEL 50%LEL
TGas-1031-H2 0~1000ppm 100ppm~300ppm 400ppm~600ppm 100ppm 500ppm
TGas-1031-O2 0~30%vol 16%~19.5%vol 22.5%~24%vol 19.5%vol 23.5%vol
TGas-1031-CO-1 0~500ppm 25ppm~100ppm 100ppm~500ppm 35ppm 200ppm
TGas-1031-CO-2 0~1000ppm 25ppm~100ppm 100ppm~500ppm 35ppm 200ppm
TGas-1031-CO2-1 0~5%vol 1000~2500ppm 2500~5000ppm 1500ppm 2500ppm
TGas-1031-CO2-2 0~20%vol 4%~8% 8%~16% 5% 10%
TGas-1031-CO2-3 0~65%vol 13%~26% 26%~52% 15% 30%
TGas-1031-CO2-4 0~100%vol 20%~40% 40~80% 30% 50%
TGas-1031-H2S 0~100ppm 5ppm~15ppm 15ppm~30ppm 10ppm 15ppm
TGas-1031-SO2 0~20ppm 1ppm~3ppm 3ppm~10ppm 2ppm 5ppm
TGas-1031-CL2 0~10ppm 0.5ppm~3.5ppm 4ppm~6ppm 0.5ppm 5ppm
TGas-1031-NH3 0~100ppm 20ppm~30ppm 30ppm~70ppm 25ppm 50ppm
TGas-1031-NO 0~250ppm 20ppm~50ppm 50ppm~100ppm 25ppm 50ppm
TGas-1031-NO2 0~100ppm 1ppm~2ppm 2ppm~5ppm 1ppm 2ppm
TGas-1031-HCN 0~30ppm 5ppm~10ppm 10ppm~15ppm 5ppm 10ppm
TGas-1031-PH3 0~1ppm 0.3ppm~0.5ppm 0.5ppm~0.8ppm 0.3ppm 0.6ppm



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